Thursday, February 05, 2009

Birthday Week Deliveries

Madelyn's second birthday was last weekend but her party is this weekend. She is a lucky girl, she received birthday cards and packages all last week and enjoyed each and every one. In fact, she has a box that she puts all her cards in and she gets them out a few times a day and tells me what is on the card. (ex: kitty cats, balloons, etc.) She has also been talking about who is coming to her party for weeks now!

Poppy Joe and her Great-Aunt Mary and Papa and Grandma Debbie. Unfortunately Grandma Habjan won't be at the party because she is staying around home so Uncle Dominic doesn't throw a wild party. We all understand the importance of that- Sorry Dominic! Grandma Habjan was able to come out in October when we went to pick our pumpkins and she will be staying with us for a while when the new baby is born.

Well, I will try to get around to posting birthday party stuff as soon as all our visitors head out. We have some more cleaning to get done before they get here!

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Camissa said...

Ella, my 3 year old, has the same opinion on pink shoes...or pink anything for that matter. She has those pink kitty rain boots...and wears them everywhere! :)