Monday, February 09, 2009

Party Weekend

Friday night our birthday party guests from Missouri and Kansas arrived and the weekend of Madelyn the Birthday Princess started. Saturday was the day of the actual party, but the excitement carried over throughout the weekend. We lucked out and all our snow melted and we were able to go outside for a couple walks and a wagon ride up to the park.

Madelyn's friends Bree and Layton came over for the pizza/Blue's Clues birthday party and they all enjoyed playing with her new kitchen. Poppy Joe finished up the kitchen in time to make the trip and it was one of the biggest highlights of opening gifts. We all ate lots of pretend cookies and a little bit of 'roni as in Macaroni and Cheese that was prepared by Chef Madelyn.

Today we are a little tired and trying to get back into a schedule that doesn't involve too much sugar, but we wanted to share some pictures.

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