Saturday, June 04, 2011

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Our little cuties

Wilson painting aka making a mess, he is very good at that!

Madelyn proudly displaying her ribbon for completing level P1 at swimming lessons

It's a M-Rex

Turning 30 never looked so dirty

If my title caught your eye, you might wonder what I am up to. I haven't blogged in a VERY long time and now I'm getting really close to ending a pretty good run at being in my 20's. I have decided that for my birthday this year I am going to take part in the Mudathlon. What is that??? is over 40 mud and off-road obstacles packed into a mud adventure that will leave you wiped out and wanting more! When you cross the finish line you get a medal and a beer and continue on to the post-race feast. I know that it sounds a little red-neck, but maybe that is why it sounds so fun to me. Most years my birthday is just another day that I am very greatful to have, but nothing too special. This year I am determined to make it a day I won't soon forget and an awesome "turning 30" story to tell. Right now I am still in the recruiting phase for my team for the big event. I think that an event like this should be shared with friends and a few cold ones too. So, I think our team slogan is going to be "Getting dirty because Katie is turning Thirty!" I think it still needs some work. I will keep more up to date with my posts and try really hard, when I have time!