Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Life with two kids just takes more patience and more love and more of everything. It has been a wonderful year learning to adjust to our newest family member and a challenging one at times too. This year we decided to only have the kids on the Christmas card in effort to get a picture with only having to get two people smiling at the same time instead of four. In theory it sounds like an easy idea, but the kids proved us wrong.

After 130 pictures we finally found one or two that both kids were at least somewhat smiling. They aren't both looking at the camera, but maybe that can happen next year. I know how much I love getting Christmas cards with pictures and I think that all those other parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that will be receiving our card will know how long it took just to get the shot that we did. And it not being a perfect picture is what makes it be a perfect for our family to send. We aren't perfect but the good Lord made us perfect in his eyes.

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting ready for the Rose Bowl!!

Madelyn giving Wilson a bottle
(yes, she has something red under her lip, she has been biting it)

It seems like opportunities come around when you least expect them. Brendon and I recently got invited to go to the Rose Bowl and the Rose Bowl Parade, without kids. So, in turn I have had the opportunity to work on getting Wilson to take a bottle. He wasn't very happy with me the first couple of days. In fact my head hurt at the end of the day due to about 2 hours straight of crying before he would just give up on the bottle and fall asleep.

Brendon likes to say that our kids are stubborn because they take after me. I don't know if that is totally my fault, I think that I'm just a determined person when I want to be. Most of the time I just go with the flow, but I CAN be about as stubborn as a mule when the situation calls for it. And this situation is calling for a battle to take the bottle. I am not ready to wean Wilson so this trip is a lot of extra effort and cleaning added to my day. Bottles are foreign to our household since Madelyn didn't like taking them and I haven't pushed it with Wilson. We do own a wide variety of styles of bottles in effort to find the magical perfect bottle.

Monday, November 09, 2009

6 Months Old

Welcome to the World Wilson! May 3, 2009

Just minutes after being born.

Just minutes after eating. See the smile, he loves to eat.

Practicing up on his singing.

It's very hard to believe that Wilson is already 6 months old!! He is a fun baby most days, but he is getting teeth and they tend to make him crabby. Somehow his big sister always gets a smile to come to his face even is she is laying on top of him.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Trick or Treat

Wilson actually enjoying his costume.

Madelyn and Daddy craving her pumpkin.

Mommy and the little pea in a pod

True Sisterly Love

Madelyn with her mask that she made at the Library Halloween Party.

We had fun Trick-orTreating this year even if we only went to a few houses. The weather was nice until the sun went down and then it got cold very fast. Wilson made it to about 3 houses and he and Daddy went back home to hand out candy. After Madelyn and I got back we finished handing out candy in about 45 minutes. Next year we will need to purchase more candy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time to Eat

Sometimes we have to hold his hands so he doesn't shove the spoon in his mouth.

Feeding the other babies.

Now that Wilson is approaching 6 months old we are getting into baby food. I think this little guy is getting the hang of it pretty fast. Madelyn is and always has been a very light eater--Wilson on the over hand, well there's a reason he already weighs 20 lbs. He LOVES to eat!!!

Rice cereal is definitely a favorite but a new second is sweet potatoes. We continue to try new things to add to his diet, but he has been having a little trouble in the diaper department. Today I broke out the prunes and we will see if they work. Last night I don't know if it was the fact that he hadn't pooped in almost 3 days or new teeth coming in that kept him up and crying from about midnight until 3 a.m. I do know that I am very tired today and I hope that he is in a better mood and can fill his pants before the day is through. Oh, the funny things I wish for these days!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hayride with the Cousins

Preparing the hotdogs for the fire
(What you can see in this picture is the cows are only about four feet away from the fire. No one seemed to move them to another field.)

A rare photo with me actually in the picture!

Wilson slept through most of the hayride and winnie roast.

Poppy Joe even took us through the haunted woods, good thing it was day time!

Aunt GiGi with a lap full of kiddos

Eva, Wilson and Madelyn with Poppy Joe

Swinging buddies

Don't ask me what Poppy Joe is going to do with the girls.

The whole family on the little tractor.

Mommy and Mini-Me together

Poppy Joe and a non-excited Wilson

Hold on Wilson, it's your first time jumping and....

your sister is a wild woman on that thing!

We went home to Missouri for my class reunion and we also had a lot of fun with most of Madelyn and Wilson's "Habjan" Cousins. Poppy Joe and Grandma Habjan had a hayride and everything! Madelyn didn't nap most days that we were there, but she slept very well at night. It was a wild trip getting to Missouri with a tire blow-up on I-70 in the rain and some crying kids. The trip was worth it, but about 3 hours longer than we expected.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Two Peas in a Pod

Wilson checking out the fan

Not too happy about being in the costume.