Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting ready for the Rose Bowl!!

Madelyn giving Wilson a bottle
(yes, she has something red under her lip, she has been biting it)

It seems like opportunities come around when you least expect them. Brendon and I recently got invited to go to the Rose Bowl and the Rose Bowl Parade, without kids. So, in turn I have had the opportunity to work on getting Wilson to take a bottle. He wasn't very happy with me the first couple of days. In fact my head hurt at the end of the day due to about 2 hours straight of crying before he would just give up on the bottle and fall asleep.

Brendon likes to say that our kids are stubborn because they take after me. I don't know if that is totally my fault, I think that I'm just a determined person when I want to be. Most of the time I just go with the flow, but I CAN be about as stubborn as a mule when the situation calls for it. And this situation is calling for a battle to take the bottle. I am not ready to wean Wilson so this trip is a lot of extra effort and cleaning added to my day. Bottles are foreign to our household since Madelyn didn't like taking them and I haven't pushed it with Wilson. We do own a wide variety of styles of bottles in effort to find the magical perfect bottle.

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