Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Madelyn took part in her first Easter Egg Hunt at the park in Westfield. I was glad that the 0-2 year olds had their own area and eggs, because our non-aggressive child would have ended up with no eggs. Instead she came home with a whole bucket full of eggs and opened them one by one with the help of Daddy. She then neatly organized the stickers that she found inside the eggs again with the help of Daddy. Sometimes I think he is trying to mold her into a little organizer, because Mommy is pretty scatter-brained these days and our house is far from organized!

We are going to consider this egg hunt as a practice and we will be ready for the one at church next week. Madelyn did NOT want her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. She told me, "Mom, I do not like that big Peter Rabbit, I don't want a picture." She tells me about 5 times a day that she didn't like that big Peter Rabbit, I'm hoping that this fear will pass by next weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Sister Class

A couple of Saturdays ago Madelyn went to a Siblings class at St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel to help prepare her for the arrival of our new family member. It was just a short video and practicing how to hold a baby(doll) and change a diaper. A class designed for two years olds isn't too complicated, but she was the best behaved kid in the class. I know that all toddlers have their moments, we were just lucky on that day.

The hospital is much smaller than the Madelyn was born at, but I have decided that can be a good thing. When we toured as a family and again when we went for her class they only had one baby in the nursery! They said that they are rarely full in the nursery and tops have one or two babies at a time. That means our kiddo will get lots of extra love and care while in the hospital.

I must get going, the big sister is sitting next to me coloring with a highlighter and I have run out of things that she can or I should say, that I want her to color.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A good pair of boots

In Madelyn's world there is nothing like a good pair of pink boots. They could be snow boots, rain boots, or cowboy boots, just as long as they are PINK! I don't recall when this started, but if it is something to wear on her feet it needs to be pink, or glittery, or have a bow and high heals. She will correct you if you use the improper words to describe her shoes. Boys DO NOT have "fancy" shoes-- just girls. And tennis shoes aren't in the fancy category, they just help you run fast.

So, in the world of our two year old, shoes are very important and "fancy". I am afraid we having a budding Fancy Nancy on our hands. (If you haven't read the book Fancy Nancy, then you need to!) The girl is true to her Theta roots with her love of glitter, an appreciation that I hope grows with her as she ages!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Times at the Zoo

Madelyn even touched a shark all by herself!

Saturday was a great day outside, so we decided to go to the zoo in the morning. Of course, we had be home in time to watch the Mizzou basketball game. (It wasn't much of a game to watch but we still made it home in time.) Madelyn is much better this Spring at correctly naming the animals when compared to last Summer. We also had the great opportunity to have the Lion come up and ROAR really loud at us while we stood look at him behind the fence. Luckily we didn't have any bathroom accidents when he was showing off and making a loud noises.

I would say that her favorite animal was the tiger because she hasn't stopped talking about him. He jumped from one rock to another and she will tell you, "The tiger jumps on the rocks." I am sad to say that we didn't get a picture of the lion or the tiger, but we can always go back. We had a great family outing at the zoo and hope to go again at least once before the new baby gets here.