Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A good pair of boots

In Madelyn's world there is nothing like a good pair of pink boots. They could be snow boots, rain boots, or cowboy boots, just as long as they are PINK! I don't recall when this started, but if it is something to wear on her feet it needs to be pink, or glittery, or have a bow and high heals. She will correct you if you use the improper words to describe her shoes. Boys DO NOT have "fancy" shoes-- just girls. And tennis shoes aren't in the fancy category, they just help you run fast.

So, in the world of our two year old, shoes are very important and "fancy". I am afraid we having a budding Fancy Nancy on our hands. (If you haven't read the book Fancy Nancy, then you need to!) The girl is true to her Theta roots with her love of glitter, an appreciation that I hope grows with her as she ages!


The Clicks said...

Sounds like you have quite the diva on your hands! She is just so cute. I still can't believe I've not met her in person!

Courtney and the Boys said...

She's flippin' adorable, Katie. I love the little diva in her. See you tomorrow!!!!

Lori said...

Katie, that second picture of her is RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE. Holy moly, she's going to break a ton of hearts someday.

And Madelyn, you go girl. Sparkles and pink ROCK THE HOUSE! :)