Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Sister Class

A couple of Saturdays ago Madelyn went to a Siblings class at St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel to help prepare her for the arrival of our new family member. It was just a short video and practicing how to hold a baby(doll) and change a diaper. A class designed for two years olds isn't too complicated, but she was the best behaved kid in the class. I know that all toddlers have their moments, we were just lucky on that day.

The hospital is much smaller than the Madelyn was born at, but I have decided that can be a good thing. When we toured as a family and again when we went for her class they only had one baby in the nursery! They said that they are rarely full in the nursery and tops have one or two babies at a time. That means our kiddo will get lots of extra love and care while in the hospital.

I must get going, the big sister is sitting next to me coloring with a highlighter and I have run out of things that she can or I should say, that I want her to color.

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