Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Madelyn's new pet

We don't really "do" pets around our household. Mostly because I don't care for indoor pets and Brendon doesn't want an outdoor cat. So, poor little Madelyn has to get by with other things like her new "pet" Franklin the Turtle. He arrived in her Christmas stocking and the package says he will grow to almost 6 times his starting size.

If you give him a big enough bowl and lots of water he will grow within 72 hours. Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, Franklin is NOT a real turtle. He is a realistic looking plastic turtle that grows when placed in water. A perfect pet for our house!

We think that she thinks he is real. She checks on him quite a few times every day and feeds him and washes him with soap. Enjoy the pictures of Madelyn with her new "pet". I think he should have a nice long life around our home, for a least a week.

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Michelle said...

We enjoyed getting to meet Franklin last week! It was so much fun to see you and finally meet Madelyn too! We should do it again soon!