Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Potty Time!!!

Christmas was great this year and full of travel. Madelyn decided while in Missouri that she was ready to start going to the bathroom on the big potty, or at least trying. So that led to starting the potty training boot camp last weekend here in Casa de Lueck. I do think that the purchase of the Elmo potty ring, Elmo undies and Elmo stickers has been the key to our success.

I read all sorts of articles about how to train your child to go to the potty and so on. What I learned through trial and error, is that the parents are really the ones that must be trained. I know that if you don't ask/take her to the bathroom there will be some sort of carpet cleanup in about 2 hours. Once we figured this out and positioned the bathrooms with all the necessities, books, clean undies, flushable wipes, stickers and something for Mommy to sit on while she waits, we are doing pretty well.

Week two is starting off with a few accidents but that is going to happen. When she is busy playing she has a hard time slowing down to make a pit stop and we end up a little soggy.

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Jessi said...

Good guys! It is a total learning experience and you are right mostly for the parents! It is totally worth it though in the end!!

We used the little panty covers from WM and that really helped elminated carpet clean ups. Good luck and stay strong! :)