Monday, December 15, 2008

Our New Camera

The closest thing to a smile we got that day.

Waiting in line with Daddy

Santa and the Mrs. arrive in Westfield

Our old camera decided that it couldn't handle another Christmas season and basically died. The screen on the back of the camera is all white and you can't see the pictures and sometimes if you can see, they scroll through the pictures with crazy lines through them. We just made a decision to go to Best Buy and purchase a new one rather than fight the old one and end up with no Christmas pictures.

The last photos that the camera took were of Madelyn going to visit Santa. She didn't cry, but she also didn't smile. Maybe next year will be the big year when she will smile or maybe at least tell Santa her name! Enjoy the Santa pictures, it was very cold waiting in line.

PS- New pictures from the new camera will start coming once I figure out how to upload the pictures to my computer.

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Lori said...

I love getting a new camera! (although it's sometimes frustrating to figure the new one out). Madelyn is getting ridiculously big. I wish she didn't have to grown up without us. :)

By the way--I'm guessing you are growing too! May I ask for a pregnancy picture? :)