Friday, December 12, 2008

Madelyn's 1st Date with Daddy

Brendon thought it would be fun to have a little one-on-one time with his favorite little girl by taking her out on a date without Mommy. Last night following dinner they left the house and headed to the mall to go to Build-A-Bear. We had a $5.00 Off coupon, but that doesn't go very far at a place like Build-A-Bear.

Madelyn selected a brown dog and picked out a purple outfit with tights for her new friend. Brendon tried to get her to pick a different one but she seemed pretty set on the purple shirt and tights for her dog, which she named Annie. That happens to be the name of the dog that belongs to Poppy Joe and Grandma's neighbor in Nevada. Annie dog was the only thing that made her happy while she was sick over the Thanksgiving trip, so it was fitting that she named her new best pal- Annie.

The first Daddy-Madelyn date was a success so I hope the tradition continues with other fun outings for them to do together.