Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He's a BIG Boy.

Wilson (4 weeks) getting a bath

Poppy Joe and Wilson hanging out

Wilson and his binky, a match made in heaven!

Wilson is quite the little man these days. He has taken a liking to sleeping only in his swing during the day time. I guess that is my fault a little, last week when he was a little sick he slept in it day and night and now he really likes the constant motion. Madelyn will tell anyone that steps foot in our house, "That swing takes batteries and we don't want to run out!" I guess I said that comment in a moment of Wilson screaming and coughing last week.

We will soon have our first family portrait with Wilson included. Last night our babysitter (who is also a photo journalism major at Ball State) came over to take pictures of our whole family and a few of Wilson for his birth announcement. I should have thought through the fact that early evening is when he cries, a lot. I remember Madelyn doing the same thing around this age, I would say it is colic but you never know. I do know that we were very happy when she grew out of that stage and we will be very happy when Wilson does the same. Usually a walk in the stroller helps, but not always, and at the end of a long day Mommy is too tired to think about going out on a walk.

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