Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Wilson Christopher!!!

Holding her baby brother for the first time.

Madelyn loved Wilson the first time she saw him.

Our Chubby W.

Our big boy, 8 lbs. 12 oz.

Daddy all ready to go into the OR

Right before we met our little boy.
One Year Later....

Everything is just fine until...

We start singing!

Wilson didn't like being the center of attention, unlike his sister!

Little Miss Sarah Blake

Yummy frosting.

Who needs to use their hands?

Avery enjoying her cupcake

Madelyn thought they were pretty good too.

That was good.

Playing with his favorite toy, a ball.

Our two cuties.
One year ago today Wilson Christopher Lueck joined our family and brought all sorts of new love with him. Our first year as a family of four has been busy and full of new experiences. Boys are just different from girls, and we learn that a little bit more each day. Wilson is almost ready to walk and this little boy is going to be very hard to keep out of trouble. He seems to be much more of a thrill seeker when compared to Madelyn.
One thing I do know is the first year has gone by fast and they time is just going to keep flying by. So, I better get off the computer and play with my kiddos before they get too big and I'm no longer "cool".

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