Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Big Sister

Madelyn, Daddy and Wilson

Mommy, Wilson and Madelyn after bath time

Wilson's arrival home from the "Baby Hospital"

It's a tough life!

Fancy Nancy aka "Madelyn"

Now that we are on our own and the Grandmas have all gone home things are slowly getting back to normal. Well, things are becoming more routine. Madelyn is taking on the role of Big Sister much better and is learning to be gentle with Wilson. The poor boy has a lot of lovin' coming his way from his Sis. One thing that has helped a lot is when friends come get Madelyn to go and play, she feels special and I get a little bit of time to rest or clean or just to feed the baby with out having to help a toddler in the bathroom at the same time! I am learning to multi-task on a whole new level!

I figured that we needed to share some more pictures of Madelyn and Wilson. You will notice that she has some pretty interesting outfits on in some pictures. She is dressing herself and it is not worth my breath to talk her out of some of the clothes. As long as they are warm enough for the weather I'll let her wear most things that she picks out.

Today Madelyn is at a friend's house all afternoon so I am planning on taking a nice long nap with Wilson. I hope he got the memo about afternoon sleeping!

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