Tuesday, August 24, 2010

State Fair

I've been having some trouble getting my pictures to upload today, so here's a little bit of our State Fair adventures from this summer. We went together as a family one Saturday and then the kids and I returned on a Tuesday with my friend Sarah and her girls. Needless to say, Tuesday was $2.00 food day, $2.00 to get in the fair, $2.00 carnival rides, and free tram rides for senior citizens. Not the best day to take small kids, the place was VERY busy. Wilson was flirting with ALL the ladies and they were loving his blue eyes and dimples. He of course would just smile and tilt his head to the side. He's such a ladies man!
Here's Madelyn planting her crops at the fair.

Milking the cows

All that hard work gave us two very tired kids!

Now we know why Wilson loves corn on the cob so much!

And salsa too! Lots and lots of salsa.

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