Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indiana State Fair 2009

We love going to state fairs. I'll just say it! I think it reminds Brendon and I both of growing up in Missouri and having 4-H be such a big part of our lives. We have wonderful memories of our county fairs as well as the mother of them all ---The Missouri State Fair.

I know that other state fairs may be bigger, but I feel like I know the Missouri State Fair grounds like the back of my hand. Although we haven't gone to the MSF in over 10 years, I can still picture all the buildings and camp grounds in my mind. Since we have moved around quite a bit in the last 5 years we have tried to go to the State Fair in each state that we have resided in. So far we have gone to the Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and now the Indiana State Fairs. The largest fair grounds would have to be the Illinois and the smallest Nebraska. My Mom's personal favorite is the Kansas State Fair, but that's because she grew up in KS and going to that fair are some of her fondest "fair memories".

Who knows maybe we will try to hit another state fair next year, maybe Kentucky or Ohio? With Wilson a little bit bigger it would be easier next year. On that note, the kids were both All-Stars yesterday at the fair. No major meltdowns, very minimal crying, and no bathroom accidents! The double stroller is nice to carry all the "stuff", but somehow I ended up holding Wilson in the front pack quite a bit throughout the day. I guess he just wanted to take in all the wonderful things to see at the fair. Today my back in sore from toting around the 16 lb. baby but it was worth it.

We didn't take very many pictures because the camera battery was running low but we did get a few cute ones. Enjoy!

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